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Tête en verre

Sculpture tête en verre

eTrade Auction - auction end 14.04.2015
To auction comes a Tête de verre
Sculpture: Head of a man - glass head - Height 18. 5 cm, L 11 cm
The head was auctioned in 1960 in an auction in Lucerne as a Greek-Egyptian sculpture.
After a expertise of 1969 it is Old-Egyptian origin.
After a expertise from 2013 it is to be assigned rather to the newer time.
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Antonio Máro 4 paintings

eTrade auction auction end 17.02.2015
To auction come 4 paintings from Antonio Máro
Antonio Máro (* 1928 in Catacaos, Piura, northern Peru) is a Peruvian artist and physician.
The spiritual roots of Máro´s work are the pre-Columbian art and culture of his native country Peru.
Máro developed his own technique, the Contraplano.
Antonio Máro finds the highest recognition in the international art scene with his own style: "Abstract Expressionism". more info>>
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Otmar Alt

Otmar Alt Fabelwesen

eTrade Auction auction end 18.02.2015
Otmar Alt "Fabelwesen"
Graphic. Technique etching, size in cm: 40 x 35, signature below right. more Info>>
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