Marble - and stone plate auction eTrade

Auction end 20.09.16

In eTrade-Auktion we auction marble- and stone plats from insolvency to the highest bid:

12 qm Unmaßplatten Fiorito Aurora
35 qm Unmaßplatten Estremoz gestreift
25 qm Estremoz wellig gestreift
13 qm Cipollino Marmor grün
2 qm Unmaßplatten Travertin Epoxidharz
12 sqm Unmaßplatten Naxos
2 Stck. Rotationsdisplays

Limitation of Liability:

In the name and on behalf of our clients we auction according to our general terms and conditions.

The data are based on information of the clients.
Mistakes and changes reserved.
Acceptance of a bid generally takes place under reservation

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