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The Web appearance of IMVE real estate auctions consists of:
Web page ....................................................... and ................................................. auction side
From Web page to auction side click the button Login/Register” - From Auction Side to Web Page click the button: “HOME" (Startseite)

Here you find the instructions step by step. Just click on the appropriate tab:


Where do I sign in / register
Registration as an online bidder
Form to register as online bidder


To bid on the real estate auction, you must first register online.
Click on Login / Register on the right sidebar of
You arrive at the auction platform

login registrieren

Registration as online bidder

Now you are on the auction platform
If you are not announced and registered yet,
then please click here to register.
registrieren als Bieter

Form to register as online bidder

Please fill out the form and send it to the auction house.
The examination of data takes place as fast as possible.
Now you will receive via email the user ID (identification).
When bidding online this ID is automatically your bidder number!
With the ID and the password you can register now as a bidder.
Before bidding, you must still submit the offering contract.

Before attending the auction, you should take note of the auction conditions.
Formular zur Registrierung als Bieter


Submit an offering request

Submit an offering request

Before you can place a bid, you must provide an offering request.
The auction house requires this request for legal reasons.
Now you can be unlocked as a bidder.
The offering contract you can download here as a PDF document and print it.
Fill in the request and send it by fax, mail or scanned as email attachment to the auction house, together with a proof of creditworthiness.
As a proof serves the copy of an account statement of a Giro, deposit, fixed deposit account or a deposit statement from your bank.
Before attending the auction, you should take note of the auction conditions


Login for registered bidders
I forgot my password
Placing bids before the Live Auction

Login for registered bidders

You are already registered and you want to offer online?
Click on "Login / Register" to arrive at the auction platform.
Enter your ID and password. Now you can bid.
How this works is shown below.
Anmeldung als Bieter

Forgotten password

You are already registered and have forgotten your password or ID.

Enter Email here and submit.
Passwort vergessen

Online offer before the live auction

As soon as an auction is online, you can offer.
Open the auction list on and click to the desired object. The object opens on the auction platform site. There you will find a detailed description and further photos of the object.

Directly to online catalog on auction platform> >
You are now on the auction site with a detailed description of the object.
On the left you find all necessary information to place a bid.
Here you can now easily place your bid, provided you have registered.

Important note:
As soon as the Liveauktion is started, offer no longer here, but on the mask of the Liveauktion!!!!!!!!!
Online Gebot abgeben


Bid online during the live auction
Explanation of the screen of "Live Auction": How do I bid online during the auction

On auction day: Bid Online Live

Important: During the live auction please no more bids in the online catalog!
Bid now on the mask of the live auction

1. Go to Live Auction
: Click on "Login / Register" or "To live auction" on the right sidebar of to get to the Auction Platform (Only on auction day).

Direct link to the live auction
2. Open the live auction screen: Click on the link "Live Auction" in order to open the Plugin Liveauction. Note: The screen opens only on auction day.
3. Registration as a bidder: Click in the live auction screen on " Jetzt registrieren " and register as a bidder.
liveauktion öffnen
Watch the live auction in sound and vision
Bid with a single keystroke.
On auction day, all objects are called by the auctioneer and auctioned online live in video and audio.
The auctioneer starts with each object with the highest bid submitted.
In this Live phase, you can continue bidding online.
To first… to second… to third
At the end the maximum bid is the winner bid.

Explanation of the screen of Live Auction

Move your mouse over the area which you want to come to know something!
The red- bordered areas concern particularly the bidder.

Sie haben den Zuschlag erhalten. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!!

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