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IMVE property auctions. Your auctioneers for free real estate auctions.
Public auctions, simultaneously online in sound and vision, Webcast and WEB-TV.

The auctioneer

Michael Kramer

Auch im Zug am Computer: Auktionator Michael Kramer

Immobilienwirt (Dipl. VWA Freiburg)
Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Versteigerer für Immobilien.

Öffentlich bestellte und vereidigte Versteigerer
sind besonders sachkundige und vertrauenswürdige Versteigerer. Die öffentlich bestellten Personen sind darauf vereidigt, dass sie ihre Aufgaben gewissenhaft, weisungsfrei und unparteiisch erfüllen werden.
Voraussetzungen für die öffentliche Bestellung als Versteigerer:
1. Der Bewerber ist bereits Versteigerer, besitzt also die Erlaubnis nach § 3 4 b Abs. 1 GewO.
2. Besondere Sachkunde.
Das Erfordernis der besonderen Sachkunde besagt, dass der Antragsteller durch fundiertes, erheblich über dem Durchschnitt liegendes Fachwissen, große Berufserfahrung und besondere Vertrauenswürdigkeit aus dem Kreis der übrigen Versteigerer herausragen muss.

The auction house

realizes since 2008 about 12 annually real estate live auctions with simultaneous webcast auctions in picture and sound throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.
More auctions in Spain are being planned.
We want to point out that we are totally independent, ie we don´t belong to any bank, insurance company or building society.
The advice in advance of the auction is free for our customers and without any obligation.

The team
Michael Kramer
real estate auctioneer
Diploma Immobilienwirt VWA Freiburg
5 qualified employees inside and as many external employees.

Successful auctions were carried out including the following suppliers
● railway
● different communities
● real estate offices
● leasing companies
● real estate reutilization companies
● individuals

The print media report at regular intervals.
Similarly, regional television and radio channels.
The broadcasting corporation ARD in its series Building & Living dedicated our auctions a contribute.

The auction

the auction house works with a sophisticated auction software that makes possible the accompanying internet online auction.
In the implementation with simultaneous webcast auction, we distinguish ourselves from the competition and lift ourselves off from the usual online portals and auction hall auctions.

Our locally and presence auctions are transferred generally at the same time as Webcast auction. This means that bidders and interested parties can see world-wide the auction online live in picture and sound and can bid online in real time against the hall.
The online bidder also puts into auction atmosphere.
By connecting to the Netbid system we generate not only bidders from the European foreign country, but also from overseas.
Sales Promotion
The advertising of the auctions takes place regularly in more than 50 real estate portals as well as its own Internet appearance.
In addition, newspaper ads are switched and depending on the situation, advertising boards are set up at the object.
The database has about 20,000 registered Bietinteressenten from home and abroad, who received the invitations and auction catalogs for the respective event.

Since 2008 we auction accompanying to the monument fair in Leipzig predominantly monument-protected objects and old walls, therefore a majority of our registered bidders is interested in such objects.


Screenshot der Online Live Auktion.

Screenshot der Online Live Auktion. So konnten Sie die Auktion mitverfolgen und mitsteigern. Zum Vergrössern bitte anklicken.

Online live broadcast via webcast

On-site auctions with simultaneous webcast auction
All on-site auctions are transmitted simultaneously via live stream video and audio in the web TV.
Webcast auctions are an innovation that enables to accelerate the conversion of traditional on-site auctions and trade in the presence of the 21 Century
Bidders or also spectators who locally are not here can see the auctioneer and the auction procedure online live in video and audio similar an on-site auction.
By our secure web cast technology each registered bidder can bid in real time from his desk.
The webcast auctions are designed that bidders who can not be there in person, hardly notice the minimum delay.
For Sellers "real time" extends this feature the competition of their goods.
This is valid for each bidder world-wide with an Internet connection or a telephone.

Each webcast bidder the same descriptions and pictures are available as bidders in the auction room. This catalog with photos and descriptions is available for free download.

Track Record

The track record speaks for the competence of auctioneer Michael Kramer.

● For example auction in Erfurt
Admitted nine objects, of which auctioned 8 = 90%
Individual earnings up to 30 times over limit
Admissions: over limit between 250 € and 32,000 €
Achieved maximum prices € 120,000
Total limit in this auction € 96,600, proceeds of € 268,400, ie almost 200% limit
● For example, online live auction: railway land auctioned to 7 times the limit.
● For example auction in Freudenstadt. Private Apartment auctioned to 4 times the limit. etc. etc

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