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Insolvency Services


Real estate utilization in bankruptcy - utilization by professional auctioneers

Service s offer

  • Implementation of public auctions and online auctions
  • Real estate utilization and auction
  • Real estate management and development
  • Utilization of municipal real estate in the course of auctions
  • Exploitation and auctions of business and office equipment
  • Auctions, including small business solvency services
  • Varia auctions
  • Nationwide activity
  • Fast, inexpensive, unproblematic processing through lean
  • Administrative apparatus
  • Years of experience in real estate auction

Industry sectors

  • all common branches of industry, trade and craft


  • Germany
  • Europa

In addition to general auctions, we specialize in the sale of real estate from bankruptcy proceedings
in public auctions in both presence and online auctions.
With currently around 20,000 registered interested parties from all industries, we can carry out quick and flexible exploitation.
Because of our nationwide activities, we are always where our presence is most important, with our customers.
We are also happy to provide you with complete processing.

Recovery of the bankruptcy estate through auctions

The recovery of a bankruptcy estate usually takes place in an emotionally tense room.
The usually conflicting interests of debtors and creditors therefore not only enforce a procedure that is legally flawless, but also transparent and enforceable for everyone involved.
The opportunity to have the bankruptcy estate auctioned off by a publicly appointed auctioneer is the best opportunity to do so.

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