The Voluntary Real Estate Auction

The IMVE real estate auctions

Are you looking for property as an investment or for personal use?
There are amazing benefits for those looking to buy property at auction:
Buyers determine the purchase price.
Auctions eliminate long negotiation periods.
Buyers know they are competing fairly and on the same terms as all the other buyers.
Buyers receive comprehensive information on property.

Advantage for buyers
Use by now the chance to participate in the auctions and to place a bid on one of the properties of your choice!
Buy your house, your dwelling, your investment property, at a bargain price in the real estate auction.
If you do not participate personally in the auction, you can bid live online, by phone or in writing.

Advantage for Sellers
Would you like to get the successful and approved way of the auction for your real estate?
Via Internet a large audience will be achieved.
In the auction the highest bid will be obtained through the bidding contest.
Also bidders who can not participate personally in the auction, can do online, by phone or in writing bid.

The owner can let sell his property by an officially licensed auctioneer in a voluntary auction. The contract between the owner and the purchaser comes off by the award, received by the winning bidder by the auctioneer, and thus is buyer.

The auctioneer organizes the real estate auction at his own expenses. He is liable to the owner for a preparation and execution corresponding the legal regulations, and receives a commission in case of the successful auction.

The notary certifies the process of the auction and the acceptance of the bid and ensures the legality of the agreements and the protection of the contracting partners. He takes over the management and execution of the contract and regulates the cash flow.

The auction starts with a minimum price (limit) and ends with the award or if no bid is made.
The auction is based on the trade regulations under 34B of the Trade Act and Regulation of auction. The auction conditions determine the content of the contract between the owner and the Purchaser.

The seller can get a good price due to the special situation of the bidders in the auction and the professional presentation.

The prospective buyer can select from a large number of objects and favorably calculated minimum prices, if only few prospective customers bid.

The auction

The auctions are transacting external properties and external property-same rights according to the regulations of the trade/auctioneer order.
For all items given in the auction the following is valid:
Appraisal and valuation of the real estate for the auction, partially by a publicly ordered and sworn in property expert.
Preparation of the notarial contracts by examination at land register offices, building authorities and other authorities at the expense of the auction house

Definition of an auction limit corresponding to real market conditions (transfer price) between seller and auction house.

Documentation of each object in appropriate way.

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