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Commission and fees

Commission and fees
Registering and placing a bid are free in IMVE real estate auctions.
With successful award the auctions of IMVE are for buyers commission fee requiring.
The commission is generally payable with successfull award and earned and due upon receipt of invoice.
The amount of the auction commission refers to the price of adjudication and shall be in echelon:

Commission for the buyer

To € 9.999 17,85% including VAT
€ 10.000 to € 29.999 11,90% including VAT
€ 30.000 to € 59.999 9,52% including VAT
from € 60.000 7,14% including VAT

The purchase price is to be deposited four weeks after award; amendments thereto require the approval of IMVE or of the Auctioneers and should be agreed before the auction.
Please note that in connection with the acquisition of property in the auction there will be additional costs like
Real estate purchase tax: 3.5% of final sale price (only for purchase prices off 2,500, -) and 4.5% in the Land Berlin.
Negative references and regulatory approvals as well as notary and legal fees.
Notary fees and Land register costs are legally regulated in Germany in the costs order.

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