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Selling by auction

First, second, third ... your property deserves the best price.
The highest bid.

We auction your property at the highest bidnd

Of all the sales channels for your property, the voluntary auction is certainly one of the most successful sales opportunities.

With regard to the marketing strategy, the voluntary property auction differs fundamentally from classic sales. An attractive minimum bid should appeal to as large a target group as possible so that the highest bid is achieved in the auction through the bidding competition.

In the case of properties in good locations, auction revenues often exceed the market value considerably. It is not uncommon for the seller's expectations to be far exceeded.

"Real estate purchases via auctions are in vogue" (Immobilien-Magazin Bellevue). Both buyers and sellers praise the great transparency and objectivity of the process. In contrast to the compulsory auction, the voluntary property auction does not require a special occasion.

Everyone can deliver, everyone can bid !!!

Bellevue: "The delivery of the property is extremely easy for the seller. Not only that he can get the optimal price, in the case of non-sale there are no further costs. A brokerage claim on the part of the auction house only exists in the event of success. that even the public sector or credit institutions with "distressed" real estate in the administration do not even take the detour through foreclosures or complicated tenders, but look for the right buyer in the auction. "

CONCLUSION: "Through auctions, objects also find new owners that could not previously be mediated in any other way."

Was ist Ihr Haus wert?


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