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Service catalog

The following service is provided for all objects entered for the auction

I. Short report

Appraisal and evaluation of the property for the auction, partly by a publicly appointed and sworn property expert.
The short report allows the determination of the current and future potential of a property. The available data and documents are subjected to a review and evaluation.
This short report does not replace an assessment report, but serves as a basic survey. The opportunities and risks of the property are shown. This short report should support the owner in the decision making. A further market valuation of a certified expert would then be the next step if necessary.

2. Preparation of the property for sale by auction

If the property is to be sold by auction, IMVE offers the following activities:

● Joint determination of a market-oriented auction limit (minimum price) between seller and auction house.
● Creation of an exposé
● Placement of the property on the IMVE website
● Presentation of the object in the catalog of the online auction platform.
● Advertising in all major real estate portals
● Preparation of notarial contracts by checking with land registry offices, building authorities and other authorities at the expense of the auction house.

3. Marketing campaigns by the auction house IMVE

By means of direct mailing campaigns, all prospective buyers from the surrounding area who are eligible for the respective project are directly contacted and informed about the upcoming sale.

The placement of larger and smaller ads is also part of our marketing program. Illustrated and / or as a text advertisement, we present your property in all common regional and national print media.

In the context of large auctions, up to 20,000 catalogs are ordered for each process for printing. Here we have the opportunity to present your property with a picture using the appropriate processes.

With a file of well over 10,000 customers, IMVE has a large clientele of potential buyers from private individuals, project developers and investors.
Potential prospects are filtered from the extensive prospect file for the specific property.
The selected prospective customers are made aware of the offered property by direct contact or mailing.

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