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IMVE property auctions. Your auctioneers for free real estate auctions.

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The auctioneer

Michael Kramer

Auch im Zug am Computer: Auktionator Michael Kramer

Immobilienwirt (Dipl. VWA Freiburg)
Öffentlich bestellter und vereidigter Versteigerer für Immobilien.

Publicly appointed and sworn auctioneers
are particularly knowledgeable and trustworthy auctioneers. The publicly appointed persons are sworn that they will carry out their duties conscientiously, without instructions and impartially.
Requirements for the public appointment as auctioneer:
1. The applicant is already an auctioneer and therefore has the permission according to § 3 4 b Abs. 1 GewO.
2. Special expertise.
The requirement of special expertise means that the applicant must stand out from the rest of the auctioneers thanks to well-founded, significantly above-average specialist knowledge, extensive professional experience and special trustworthiness.

The auction house

realizes since 2008 about 12 annually real estate live auctions with simultaneous webcast auctions in picture and sound throughout the Federal Republic of Germany.
More auctions in Spain are being planned.
We want to point out that we are totally independent, ie we don´t belong to any bank, insurance company or building society.
The advice in advance of the auction is free for our customers and without any obligation.

The team
Michael Kramer
real estate auctioneer
Diploma Immobilienwirt VWA Freiburg
5 qualified employees inside and as many external employees.

Successful auctions were carried out including the following suppliers
● railway
● different communities
● real estate offices
● leasing companies
● real estate reutilization companies
● individuals

The print media report at regular intervals.
Similarly, regional television and radio channels.
The broadcasting corporation ARD in its series Building & Living dedicated our auctions a contribute.

Track Record

The track record speaks for the competence of auctioneer Michael Kramer.

● For example auction in Erfurt
Admitted nine objects, of which auctioned 8 = 90%
Individual earnings up to 30 times over limit
Admissions: over limit between 250 € and 32,000 €
Achieved maximum prices € 120,000
Total limit in this auction € 96,600, proceeds of € 268,400, ie almost 200% limit
● For example, online live auction: railway land auctioned to 7 times the limit.
● For example auction in Freudenstadt. Private Apartment auctioned to 4 times the limit. etc. etc

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