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Real Estate

Real Estate Auctions Service

Information about expiry and realization buying or selling a property through IMVE.

  • Tthe Voluntary Property Auction

    IMVE real estate auctions Online auctions in picture and sound and presence auctions directly in the object or with the collecting auctions. Advantage for buyers Use by now the chance to particip...

  • IMVE Service

    The following service is provided for all objects entered for the auction I. Short report Appraisal and evaluation of the property for the auction, partly by a publicly appointed and sworn proper...

  • Protected monuments

    Send your money to save tax. Listed buildings are not only beautiful and representative, they also offer historical or cultural added value, which is supported by the state and is very interesting for tax purposes.

  • Commission and fees

    Commission and fees Registering and placing a bid are free in IMVE real estate auctions. With successful award the auctions of IMVE are for buyers commission fee requiring. The commission is gen...

  • Land Transfer Tax

    When purchasing a plot, the real estate transfer tax falls only once. This is to the respective federal states, which can pass it on to the cities and municipalities. The basis is the property tran...

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