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Bid - place a bid
You are interested in one or more objects?
There are several ways to bid for an object

Online Bid
Written Bid
Phone Bid
Bid personally or by agent during the auction ( public auction on location)

Online Bidding

Bidding Online
You can bid online, from anywhere in the world, provided that you have access to the Internet. All you have to
1.) Register as a bidder
2.) Submit us the Contract for Online Bidding.

Now you will be unlocked by the auction house and may bid at any time, from everywhere, and place bids during the live auction as if you would be personally present.
More information about the procedure of bidding online here>

Written Bid

Place a bid before the auction
You have interested in a property, but you cannot participate in the auction. Then just place a written bid. In the auction, you will not need to be present, either online or personally or by phone or by proxy.
An offering agent of the auction house will represent you reliable.

How does it work?
These requires the signing of a separate Offer Contract with your maximum bid.
Your bid must be equal to the auction limit and / or above the current bid.
The auction limit must not be undercut.

What means maximum bid?
The maximum bid is the highest price you are willing to pay for the object, which is the amount you would spend most on the object. The auction house acts for you as an Offer Agent, who practically takes up the bidding for you. Your offering agent will increase his bid always at the lowest possible offering step, but only until the point your maximum bid is reached.
He will exceed it in no case!
When there is no more overbid your offer agent stops immediately.
Therefore you will receive your award always to the best possible price.

Bidding by Phone

Phone Bid
It is possible to bid by phone.
This requires the conclusion of a separate Offer Contract with minimum bid before the auction.
What means Minimum Bid?
The minimum bid must be equal to the limit (starting bid) and / or above the present current bid. The starting bid may not be undercut.
Please request the Offer Contract by phone or by email at the auction house.
Here you can request the contract >
We will then call you during the auction.

Bidding during the auction

Bidding during the auction
Personal attendance or by proxy
If you have decided to bid on one or more objects, it is recommended, regarding an exemption from the offering security, to send by fax to the auction house a completed "agreement on the delivery of the minimum bid".
Here you can request the contract document for minimum bid>

Fax 070083533544
If you offer without written agreement, a security at a value of 10% of the sale price is to be ensured. The remaining purchase price is to be deposited four weeks after award.

Please request the appropriate contract documents at the Auction House.

The contract documents can be requested here. >

Contract Documents

Offering Contract before the auction
You want to place a bid before the auction, and will not be present at the auction. (Maximum bid)
Offering Contract for phone bid
You want to bid during the auction. (Minimum bid)
Confirming Contract of Sale after award
You should take note of this contract before participating in the auction.
Auction Conditions
You should take note of the auction conditions before participating in the auction.

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