Consumer Information

The offer of a real estate is obligatory.

The seller cannot contest the sale at expiration of the auction any longer.
However, he can immediately withdraw his declaration of intention directed toward contract conclusion, when bringing a contestation reason. This reason may not be from temporary feature and may not be submitted late.
This restricts in Internet auctions the arbitrariness of the offerer opposite the bidder. OLG Oldenburg, Az.: 8 U 93/05, OLG report 2005, 583.
Notwithstanding this, IMVE estate auctions offer the seller the right to specify a margin of title.

Read the validity of a bid.
Bids can be placed only after authentication of the bidder opposite IMVE real estate auctions.
Here is sufficient the submission of a copy of the certificate of registration or identity card (both sides) to the address:
Michael Kramer, Menzinger road 130, 80997 Munich
or by fax at 032-03212-1045990

IMVE Property Auctions reserves the right to remove a bid if not a proof of solvency is provided within 3 days before auction end.
As a proof serves the copy of
Account statement
Deposit statement
Bank accompanying letter
The respective submitted document must be issued in the name of the bidder.

What should be done before placing a bid?
If you have found a suitable property, you should take it in inspection.You can arrange with us a viewing appointment by phone or email. Missing the know-how to assess the condition of a property, consult an expert or an architect.
Resolve in time the financing of your desired real estate with your bank and obtain an offer of comparison.

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