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Bidding in the real estate auction

Minimum bid / personal presence
You or a representative will be present personally at the auction.
If you decide to bid on one or more objects, it is recommended, in relation to an exemption from the bidding security and an extended occupancy period , to complete the agreement on the levy of the minimum bid and to return it at short notice to the Auction House.
If you offer without written agreement, a deposit of 10% of purchase price is to be paid. The remaining purchase price is to be deposited four weeks after award.

Bidding by phone, online or in writing.
For this in each case the conclusion of a separate offering contract is necessary.
For the conclusion of such an agreement please kindly contact the responsible administaror of this object or the management.
More info, see INFO and ASSISTANCE
Bidding - place a bid

Inspection dates
These you will gladly receive from our switchboard or from the responsible specialist in our house.

Real estate transfer tax.
That is the sales tax on property trade. It amounts to 3.5% of the purchase price. Starting from 01.01.2007 purchase of land-expensively only in Berlin for real estate from Berlin amounts to 4.5% starting from purchase prices of € 2,500, -.

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